Tactical Rigor

About Us

Tactical Rigor is currently comprised of Chris and Jaime Holman, a husband and wife team. Chris formerly served in the United States Marine Corps and has extensive knowledge about firearms. Jaime has worked many other jobs in the retail and accounting industry and is the one handling most of the paperwork for the business. Together, they are pursuing Chris' dream of opening up his own gun shop.

Tactical Rigor hopes to protect our second amendment rights and inspire others to do the same.

Gunsmithing Certifications

Chris has obtained his certification as a Law Enforcement Armorer and is working on also working on obtaining his certification as a 1911 Pistolsmith.


(816) 832-8297

Go Tactical With Confidence!

Business Status Update

6805 NW 74th ST

Kansas City, MO 64152

Owners Jaime Holman and Chris Holman have recently completed the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor Course. They will be pursuing their Missouri CCW Instructor Licenses very soon!